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Name: Khemanit Jamikorn (เขมนิจ จามิกรณ์) Nickname: Pancake (แพนเค้ก) Profession: Actress, Model Date of birth: May 27, 1988 Birthplace: Wipawadee Hospital, Thailand Height: 174 cm Siblings: younger brother Putter Pattaranun Jamikorn, younger sister Miki. Marital Status: Dating Officer Mee Saksoonthorn Hobbies: Exercising
Khemanit Jamikorn (RTGS: Khemanit Chamikon; Thai: เขมนิจ จามิกรณ์), mostly known as "Pancake", She was born on 27 May 1988 in Bangkok. Khemanit is a Thai TV actress, singer and model. She won Thai Supermodel Contest 2004 and later won Model of the World 2004 in China.

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