·Name: 金智媛 Kim Ji Won 김지원
Number: 75
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/16 21:20:15
Profile: Name: 김지원 / Kim Ji Won Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1992-Oct-19 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 164cm Star sign: Libra Talent agency: Starship Entertainment
Kim Ji-won (Hangul: 김지원; born October 19, 1992) is a South Korean actress. She gained attention through her roles in television series The Heirs (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016) and Fight for My Way (2017).
·Name: 朴宝英 Park Bo Young 박보영
Number: 62
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/16 21:17:10
Profile: Name: 박보영 / Park Bo Young (Bak Bo Yeong) Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1990-Feb-12 Birthplace: Goesan, North Chungcheong, South Korea Height: 158cm Weight: 41kg Star sign: Aquarius Blood type: O Family: Two older sisters Talent agency: Fides Spatium
Park Bo-young (born February 12, 1990) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her leading roles in the hit films Scandal Makers (2008) and A Werewolf Boy (2012), and the television series Oh My Ghost (2015) and Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017).
·Name: 朴智妍 Park Ji Yeon 지연
Number: 37
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/15 2:26:39
Profile: Name: Park Ji Yeon \ Jiyeon Hangul: 지연 Birth Name: Park Ji-Yeon (박지연) Also Known as: Jiyeon;t-ara little dino Nationality: South Korean Gender: Female Born: June 7, 1993 Height: 167 cm. Blood Type: AB
Park Ji-yeon (born June 7, 1993), better known by the mononym Jiyeon, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a member of South Korean girl group T-ara. She debuted as a solo artist with her debut mini album, Never Ever, on May 20, 2014, making her the first T-ara member to debut as a solo artist.
·Name: 金所炫 Kim So Hyun 김소현
Number: 92
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/13 1:17:18
Profile: Name: 김소현 / Kim So Hyun Profession: Actress and singer Birthdate: 1999-Jun-04 Birthplace: Australia Height: 165cm Star sign: Gemini Blood type: O Family: Younger brother Talent agency: E&T Story Entertainment
Kim So-hyun (김소현;金所炫; born June 4, 1999), is a South Korean actress. She began her career as a child actress in 2006 and initially gained public attention for playing a villainous young queen-to-be in Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) and a girl who falls into tragedy in Missing You (2013). She was then affectionately labeled as "Nation's Little Sister". She took on her first leading role in teen drama Who Are You: School 2015 (2015) and since then, has starred in horror comedy Hey Ghost, Let's Fight (2016), historical melodrama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), and romantic comedy Radio Romance (2018).
·Name: 李多海 Lee Da Hae 이다해
Number: 30
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/13 1:15:11
Profile: Name: 이다해 / Lee Da Hae (Yi Da Hae) Real name: 변다혜 / Byun Da Hye (Byeon Da Hye) Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1984-Apr-19 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 170cm Weight: 47kg Star sign: Aries Blood type: O Family: Older brother Talent agency: JS Pictures
Lee Da-hae, or Lee Da-hey (born Byun Da-hae on April 19, 1984) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles in Korean dramas such as My Girl (2005), Green Rose (2005), The Slave Hunters (2010), Miss Ripley (2011), and Hotel King (2014), as well as the Chinese dramas Love Actually (2012) and Best Couple (2016).
Lee Da-hae is well known for being fluent in Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese, earning her huge popularity in China. She is the first Korean actress to speak her lines in Mandarin, displaying her linguistic skills in Chinese dramas.
·Name: 河智苑 Ha Ji Won 하지원
Number: 79
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/12 1:00:35
Profile: Name: 하지원 / Ha Ji Won / 河智苑 Real name: 전해림 / Jeon Hae Rim Profession: Actress and singer Birthdate: 1978-Jun-28 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 168cm Weight: 46kg Star sign: Cancer Blood type: A Family: Younger brother/actor Jun Tae Soo Talent agency: United Talent Agency
Jeon Hae-rim (Hangul: 전해림; born 28 June 1978), better known by her stage name Ha Ji-won (Hangul: 하지원) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for the historical dramas Damo (2003), Hwang Jini (2006), Empress Ki (2013), as well as the melodrama Something Happened in Bali (2004), the romantic comedy series Secret Garden (2010) and the medical drama Hospital Ship (2017).
She has starred in several films and television series, and is one of South Korea's most sought after and critically acclaimed actresses,[1][2][3] particularly known for her versatility in pulling off roles in various genres such as action, comedy, horror, drama, and sports.
·Name: 韩佳人 Han Ga In 한가인
Number: 31
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/12 0:57:53
Profile: Name: 한가인 / Han Ka In (Han Ga In) Real name: 김현주 / Kim Hyun Joo (Gim Hyeon Ju) Profession: Actress and model Birthdate: 1982-Feb-25 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 167cm Weight: 49kg Star sign: Aquarius Blood type: AB Family: Sister, husband/actor Yun Jung Hoon, and daughter (b. 2016-Apr-13) Talent agency: BH Entertainment
Han Ga-in (born Kim Hyun-joo on February 25, 1982) is a South Korean actress. She starred in television series Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment early in her career, and became a sought-after model in commercials. Her projects in 2012 were hugely successful, with her period drama Moon Embracing the Sun topping the TV ratings chart, and her film Architecture 101 becoming a box office hit.
·Name: 金泰妍 Kim Tae Yeon 태연
Number: 68
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/11 5:04:25
Profile: Name: Tae-Yeon Hangul: 태연 Birth Name: Kim Tae-Yeon (김태연) Born: March 9, 1989 Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea Height: 162cm Blood Type: O Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, 1989), referred to as Taeyeon, is a South Korean singer. She had been a trainee at SM Entertainment's Starlight Academy during her middle school years before debuting as a member of the agency's girl group, Girls' Generation, in 2007. Since then, she has risen to prominence due to the group's success on the Asian music scene and further participated in the agency's projects Girls' Generation-TTS and SM the Ballad. Aside from group activities, she has also recorded songs for various television dramas and movies.
Taeyeon began a solo career in 2015 with her first extended play album, I. It peaked at number two on South Korea's Gaon Album Chart and its title track sold over one million digital copies. Her second extended play, Why (2016), charted at number one and yielded two Gaon Digital Chart top-ten singles "Starlight" and "Why". Her debut studio album My Voice (2017) and its two singles "Fine" and "Make Me Love You" achieved similar success.
·Name: 宋智孝 Song Ji Hyo 송지효
Number: 58
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/10 1:00:47
Profile: Name: Song Ji-Hyo 宋智孝 Hangul: 송지효 Legal Name: Chun Soo-Yeon (천수연) Birth Name: Chun Sung-Im (천성임) Birthdate: August 15, 1981 University: Kookje College Major: Tax & Acccounting Birthplace: South Korea Height: 168cm Blood Type: A
Cheon Soo-yeon (born Cheon Seong-im on August 15, 1981), professionally known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo, is a South Korean actress and model. Song was a cover model for Kiki Magazine before she made her acting debut in the feature film Wishing Stairs (2003), the third installment in the Whispering Corridors film series. She made her television debut in the romantic comedy Princess Hours (2006) and the historical Jumong (2006). Song then received wider recognition for her roles in the film A Frozen Flower (2008), New World (2013), and the TV series Emergency Couple (2014).
Besides acting, Song is one of the regular casts of the South Korean variety show Running Man since 2010, which brought her international recognition.
·Name: 李美淑 Lee Mi Sook 이미숙
Number: 29
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/10 0:57:27
Profile: Name: Lee Mi-Sook Hangul: 이미숙 Birthdate: April 2, 1960 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Education: Koryu University Major: Journalism Height: 162cm
Lee Mi-sook (born April 2, 1960) is a South Korean actress. One of the best-known actresses of 1980s Korean cinema, Lee's most famous films from this era include Bae Chang-ho's Whale Hunting and The Winter That Year Was Warm, Lee Doo-yong's Mulberry and Eunuch, and Kwak Ji-kyoon's Wanderer in Winter. She retired from film after getting married in 1987, though she still appeared on television in dramas such as How's Your Husband (1993). Then a decade later, Lee made her comeback with an award-winning leading role in E J-yong's feature debut An Affair (1998). She has since remained active in film and television, notably in the May–December romance Solitude (2002), the Dangerous Liaisons adaptation Untold Scandal (2003), the mockumentary Actresses (2009), and the family dramas Smile, Mom (2010).
·Name: 孙佳仁 Son Ga In 손가인
Number: 25
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/6 4:25:02
Profile: Name: Son Ga-In \ 孙佳仁 Hangul: 손가인 AKA: Ga-in (가인) Birthdate: September 20, 1987 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 162 cm Blood Type: B
Son Ga-in (born September 20, 1987), better known mononymously as Gain, is a South Korean singer, actress and entertainer. She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls and for her appearances alongside Jo Kwon from 2AM for TV shows We Got Married and All My Love. As a solo artist she has released six EPs.
·Name: 郑有美 Jung Yu Mi 정유미
Number: 45
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/5 2:33:03
Profile: Name: 정유미 / Jung Yoo Mi (Jeong Yu Mi) / 郑有美 / 郑裕美 Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1983-Jan-18 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Height: 163cm Weight: 42kg Star sign: Capricorn Blood type: B Family: Younger brother Talent agency: SOOP Management
Jung Yu-mi (born January 18, 1983) is a South Korean actress. Jung made her feature film debut in Blossom Again (2005), for which she received acting recognition. She has since starred in the critically acclaimed films Family Ties (2006), Chaw (2009), My Dear Desperado (2010), and the box office hits The Crucible (2011) and Train to Busan (2016). She also frequently appears in films by auteur Hong Sang-soo, notably Oki's Movie (2010) and Our Sunhi (2013).
·Name: 金裕贞 Kim You Jung 김유정
Number: 91
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/2 22:49:12
Profile: Name: 김유정 / Kim Yoo Jung (Kim Yu Jeong) / 金裕贞 Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1999-Sep-22 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 164cm Bloodtype: O Star sign: Virgo Family: Older sister and older brother Talent agency: SidusHQ
Kim Yoo-jung (김유정; 金裕貞; born September 22, 1999) is a South Korean actress. After her acting debut in 2003, she became one of the best known child actresses in Korea and since then, has transitioned into teen roles by starring in television series Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), May Queen (2012) and Angry Mom (2015). She hosted music show Inkigayo from November 2014 to April 2016 and took on her first leading role in KBS2's historical drama Love in the Moonlight (2016).
·Name: 李成敏 Clara Lee 克拉拉
Number: 63
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/7/1 1:26:22
Profile: Name: 李成敏 Clara Lee 克拉拉 Hangul: 클라라 Birth Name: Lee Seong-Min (이성민) Birthdate: January 15, 1986 Birthplace: Switzerland Height: 168 cm. Blood Type: B
·Name: 李知恩 Lee Ji Eun 아이유
Number: 96
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/6/27 1:20:23
Profile: Name: IU \ 李知恩 \ Lee Ji Eun \ 아이유 Hangul: 아이유 Birth Name: Lee Ji-Eun (이지은) Born: May 16, 1993 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 160cm. Blood Type: A
Lee Ji-eun (born May 16, 1993), professionally known as IU, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actress. While still in middle school, IU auditioned for various talent agencies with ambitions of becoming a singer. She signed with Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment) in 2007 as a trainee and began her music career at the age of 15 with her debut album, Lost and Found. Her follow-up albums, Growing Up and IU...IM, brought her mainstream success, but it was through "Good Day" (Korean: 좋은 날), the lead single from her 2010 album Real, that she achieved national stardom. "Good Day" spent five consecutive weeks at the top position of South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart, a joint record along with Psy's "Gangnam Style".
·Name: 朴春 Bom Park 박봄
Number: 26
Category: Korean Celebs
Added: 2018/6/27 1:06:21
Profile: Native name: 朴春 Bom Park 박봄 Born: Park Bom, March 24, 1984, Seoul, South Korea Occupation: Singer,Musical career Genres: K-pop Instruments: Vocals Years active: 2006–present
Park Bom (born March 24, 1984), better known by the mononym Bom, is a South Korean singer. She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1 until the group announced their disbandment on November 25, 2016. Park began her musical career in 2006, featuring on singles released by label-mates Big Bang, Lexy and Masta Wu. In 2009, she made her debut as a member of 2NE1 as the main vocalist. Park has also released two solo singles, "You and I" and "Don't Cry". Both singles reached number one on the Gaon Digital Chart, the national music chart of South Korea. She was also awarded Best Digital Single at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards.
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· 裴涩琪 Bae Seul Ki 배슬기
· 文瑾莹 Geun yeong Mun 문근영
· 孔孝真 Kong Hyo Jin 공효진
· 金雪炫 Kim Seol Hyun 김설현
· 张娜拉 Jang Na Ra 장나라
· 尹恩惠 Yoon Eun Hye
· 高俊熙 Go Joon Hee 고준희
· 李圣经 Lee Sung Kyung 이성경
· 李沇熹 Lee Yeon Hee 이연희
· 李泰林 Lee Tae Im 이태임
· 蔡秀彬 Chae Soo Bin 채수빈
· 裴秀智 Suzy Bae 배수지
· 李英爱 Lee Young Ae 이영애
· 林允儿 Im Yoon Ah 윤아
· 全智贤 Jun Ji Hyun 전지현
· 韩彩英 Han Chae Young 한채영
· 金泰熙 Kim Tae Hee 김태희
· 成宥利 Sung Yu Ri 성유리
· 韩艺瑟 Han Ye Seul 한예슬
· 秋瓷炫 Choo Ja Hyun 추자현
· 宋慧乔 Song Hye Kyo 송혜교
· 李孝利 Lee Hyo Ri 이효리

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