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Name: Amuro Namie (安室奈美恵) Birthday: September 20, 1977 Birthplace: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan Blood Type: O Family: Parents (divorced), mother (deceased), two sisters, one brother, one son Height: 158cm (5'2") Weight: 40kg (88 lbs) Measurements: B75 W58 H84 Ethnicity: 75% Japanese, 25% Italian (debated; according to an autobiography written by her mother, she only knows that her father was of Western/European origin) Tattoos: Two on her left arm, two on her right wrist (all since removed) Bands / Groups: SUPER MONKEYS (1992-1995) TK PRESENTS Konetto (1997) SUITE SHIC (2002-2003)
Amuro Namie (安室奈美恵) is a retired Japanese singer, songwriter, and actress from Okinawa. In 1992, she made her debut in a group called the SUPER MONKEYS comprised of her and her classmates from the Okinawa Actors School with the single "Koi no Cute Beat / Mister U.S.A.". Amuro became the leader of the group, and found success after their single "TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~". In 1996, Amuro and the SUPER MONKEYS were split up, and transferred to avex trax. Upon changing labels, debuting with the single "Body Feels EXIT", and her first avex album, SWEET 19 BLUES, selling over 3.3 million copies (at the time the highest selling album in Japanese music history), Amuro became a huge influence in Japanese pop in the 1990s, with her most devoted fans dubbed "Amuraa" (アムラー). Her biggest single, the ballad "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?", was the top single of 1997 and became the highest-selling single by a Japanese female artist. After marriage and personal tragedies, Amuro adopted a more R&B/Hip-Hop based style of music, but returned to her signature dance-pop sound and experienced a comeback in popularity and sales in the latter half of her career. As of September 2018, Amuro has approximately sold 38,000,000 records in Japan. In September 2017, shortly after her 25th anniversary, Amuro announced her retirement for September 16, 2018, and ended her 26-year career with a series of promotions, including a best-of album and tour, a documentary series, a multi-city retrospective gallery, and a final performance in her home prefecture of Okinawa.

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