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Name: 杨丽萍 Yang Li Ping Height: 165cm Weight: 45kg Yang Liping (born November 10, 1958) is the director, choreographer and star of a performance art show called "Dynamic Yunnan" that has drawn sellout crowds all over China.[citation needed] She toured Europe and the United States in 2005. Between 2004 and 2008, Yang Liping directed and choreographed a trilogy: "Dynamic Yunnan", "Echoes of Shangri-la" and "Tibetan Myth". In 2004, "Dynamic Yunnan" won five major awards at the National Lotus Awards, including Gold Award for Dance Spectacular, Best Choreography and Best Female Performer. To create the exotic song and dance spectacular "Dynamic Yunnan", Yang spent years travelling to remote villages of the 26 ethnic minority tribes in Yunnan and selected over 60 peasants who had the natural gift of song and dance, from whom she built an archive re-creating this rich feast of sight and sound. In May 2009, she revealed a dance and music production 'Yunnan Sound', at the Yunnan Art Institute's Experimental Theater. She is currently a judge on So You Think You Can Dance China.

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